Photograph of Augusto J. Ferriols


Hi I'm Augusto and this is a sample of work I've done as a Web Designer and Art Director at E! Entertainment, as well as side projects.

Here's my back story: I have a BA degree in Painting from UC Berkeley, but didn't have a definite career plan in place after graduating in 1992. So after years of working in retail and making art on the side, I decided to return to school to study Graphic Design once more, where previously I didn't have the patience and attention to detail to pursue this field before studying painting. This was before digital design.

I also had to get over the concept of the starving artist, and being a commercial artist, because being a commercial artist was being creative for someone else. I was determined to make it work, because this was a challenge to see if I could actually make a living by being a creative professional.

Terrified, I jumped in to make this life change. I worked in the day, and went to school at night, staying up to work on homework. Fast forward to graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and a Multimedia Certificate, from Platt. Not the Art Center College of Design, but I have a background in Fine Art as a resource. I also had a friend of a friend who worked at E! Entertainment, so I was grateful to have an opportunity to show her my portfolio and start freelancing there, which became a full time position.

I also volunteer for the LAGBT Center as a certified AIDS LifeCycle Training Ride Leader. My hobbies are reading, knitting, and cats.

If you want to follow me on Facebook, my username is augiegusto.